6 extracts to nourish health, nourish bones

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6 extracts to nourish health, nourish bones


There is an important substance, Curcumin, which can inhibit the inflammatory process and help relieve symptoms from osteoarthritis. Because curcumin has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is believed that curcumin may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis as well as drugs. The substance curcumin. also to stimulate the body to secrete gastric coating Therefore, it can help heal stomach ulcers.

Cautions Turmeric is forbidden to use in people with gallbladder stones or bile duct obstruction. because it will increase the secretion of bile It can cause the salts in the bile to bind to the stones, resulting in larger stones. And pregnant women should get advice from a doctor before use.



There is an important substance, Gingerol (gingerol), which is anthocyanin substance (Anthocyanin) is a substance that has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects. can help reduce knee pain Because in addition to having anti-inflammatory effects according to the joints The heat from ginger also improves blood flow. Plus, ginger contains antioxidants. (Antioxidant), including anti-cancer substances. Help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, help kidney function. Promote the kidneys to work better There are also properties Reduce nausea and vomiting, help with clear skin, reduce dark wrinkles as well. should not be eaten



There is an important substance called Sesamin (Sesamin) that can be anti-inflammatory. It will reduce the breakdown of cartilage tissue. which causes inflammation within the cartilage tissue It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help strengthen cartilage. can increase the ability of Osteoblast cells to cause osteoarthritis osteoporosis It will increase calcium to connect with the bones and also contain Lignans (Lignans), Phytosterols (Phytosterols). It is also rich in many nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and manganese that help to Strengthens bones with copper minerals that help encourage the body to build more collagen And contains zinc minerals that help increase bone mass as well



Is extracted from corn Can be absorbed into the body more than other types of calcium. Because it can maintain the value of calcium in its entirety, that is, helps strengthen bones, inhibits the decomposition of bones around the joints and cartilage. Helps improve the process of creating stronger bone cells. Stimulate collagen production in bones and cartilage Helps inhibit the decomposition of bones strengthening the bones as well as creating water in the synovial fluid It helps prevent osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and also helps prevent constipation, flatulence, can dissolve water well.



It is extracted from chicken breast cartilage to relieve pain from osteoarthritis. This type of collagen will stimulate the body to release substances against pain, swelling or inflammation, as well as increase the amount of water in the knee joint. This is because some studies have shown that Hydrolyzed Collagen, which is partially digested collagen, can help reduce joint pain and improve joint health. Type II collagen can relieve symptoms and reduce inflammation.of knee osteoarthritis well both in terms of reducing joint pain stuck knee and use of the knee



It has fat soluble properties. Beneficial to the human body, for example, can help the body absorb calcium well. makes teeth and bones healthy as well as having a role in the functioning of the muscles immune system to the cells in the body to function normally And also contributes to nourishing the skin to be healthy. Radiant from both outside and inside Foods high in vitamin D, such as fatty fish, eggs, butter, liver, cod liver, different oils, etc.

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